Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A New Beginning

After creating my Angular JS powered shopping cart, I was pretty much free. I went back to my home in Chennai to spend some quality time with my family. Got back to Kollam after about two weeks and with pretty much nothing to do, was roaming the Vallickavu beach (advantage of having a beach within 100 metres from your college). The good thing was that during my Chennai visit, I was gifted with my dream phone, OnePlus 3. Thanks to its 16MP camera, I enjoyed clicking some awesome sunset shots from the Amritapuri shores.

So, I went back to my usual college routine until the announcement for Amma's birthday (Mata Amritanandamayi's birthday) came up. Freshmen were requested to be volunteers for the 3 day long celebration. Considering the number of devotees Amma has globally and Amritapuri being Amma's headquarters, the celebrations are spread over three days to enable the numerous bakthas who throng the ashram to get Her darshan. My friends and I had a lot of fun those 3 days. Since our volunteering work was only for 4 hours, the rest of the day was our's to spend in whatever way we wanted. We were mostly roaming around the campus, window shopping at the different stalls that had been set up for the devotees and eating a lot 😜.

My hackathon venture: Soon after the birthday celebrations, Amrita's FOSS club announced a MediaWiki hackathon to teach its new members how to make contributions to MediaWiki. The hackathon was initiated on October 1st. It was a 2 day hackathon organised entirely by our FOSS seniors. The guest of honour was Abdeali JK from IIT Chennai - a former GSoCcer and a Software Developer for MediaWiki. All the first year students in FOSS made our first contribution to the "Open Source World" that day. And needless to say, the food provided during the hackathon was tasty 😍.

On the 2nd and final day of the hackathon, as per Abdeali's suggestion, I chose Coala - a Code Analysis Application, as my Open Source organisation.

Coala uses Gitter for IRC. I was really happy about the way the developers treated the newcomers. They even had a proper newcomers' page in their site. I followed the clear instructions and very soon, fixed my first bug within a week (it was just a typo bug, but still, made me feel proud). Then, I went on to fix 2 more bugs and am right now, working on my 4th - 2 weeks down and I'm still getting errors 😕. But like they say, failure is the stepping stone to success. With every error, I am getting to learn more about the code base - Python. During this time, I also got to know that Coala, a sub-organisation of FossAsia, got 8 slots for GSoC 2016. This year, they are expecting more. Looking forward to GSoC 2017. Live long and prosper!

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