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Senior - Friend - CEO

There was one important thing that I forgot to mention in one of my previous blog posts. During Amma's birthday celebrations, I happened to meet a wonderful person, whom I had no idea was going to influence my academic life later. His name is Dipesh Walte. He happens to be an M.Tech Computer Science student in my college. Our's was just a brief meeting. We volunteered together for the celebrations, exchanged numbers and parted ways. We bumped into each other very soon, during one of our lunch hours and became close. We shared our work experience, during which, he happened to mention his idea for a start-up that would implement both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Impressed and influenced by his design, I proposed to conceive and implement it. Now, we are a team of four, headed by Dipesh, who is also the CEO of the start-up, the other two being my batchmates, who are well versed in analysis and programming. We are working together after college hours to achiev

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