Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Good News

All the time I spent coding after college hours led to many fruitful results. My work in coala was starting to get noticed by many developers in the community. I actively took part in many discussions on the improvement of the source code and suggested many changes. In the meanwhile, a time came when I decided that I should start dealing with tougher code patches. So, I was browsing through the list of patches that are yet to be solved, and incidentally, came across an old bug that needed major changes. I wondered why nobody had touched it until I came across the "medium difficulty" tag and the amount of discussion that went into it. I asked the community if I can take it up and they were glad that I dug it up.

My work on this bug went on for about 2 and a half months straight. I was in touch with the developers regularly, so they kept track of my progress. After a thorough discussion with them, the difficulty of the bug was changed to "hard". Immediately after that change, they said something that made my day. They told me to shift my focus temporarily to some other bug since that bug was apparently "GSoC" material and that if selected, I can work on it. I have agreed and resumed my work on some other medium level bugs. Have to wait till January for the GSoC registration period to begin. Live long and prosper!

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